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A New Breed Of Web And Email Hosting Services

Thursday , 5, August 2021 Comments Off on A New Breed Of Web And Email Hosting Services

What do you think of when you hear about web or email hosting? You will most likely associate this with your website or the email service you are currently using. If these are the only two services you currently use or come across, it's time to upgrade with a new generation of web and email hosting services.

The latest generation of web and email hosting includes back-office applications such as your company's newsletter or forum, web-based meeting/chat rooms, web SMS reminder calendar sharing, online storage with secure file management, and scheduled backup services on the Internet. This is a service that you usually have to pay for separately to use on your domain. However, you can get web and mail hosting services from this useful source.


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Users log in primarily through the login page linked from your company homepage. After logging in, the user has access to webmail and all of these applications, depending on whether the back office administrator added them to the access rights group. For example, bulletin board topics can be accessed from different groups based on the access rights granted by the administrator. 

Administrators also have the right to create or delete any number of users, as well as assign access rights to different groups, and define storage space for each user. Since the business owner is an administrator, he or she can easily add or remove users to or from the company portal and control employee access to company applications and information.

Apart from online storage, there are internet backup services that are essential to protect your personal or business data and for disaster recovery. Data loss has always been one of the most important factors in business continuity, so data protection should not be taken lightly.