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All About Multipro Tailgate Flaw And Solution

Wednesday , 9, June 2021 Comments Off on All About Multipro Tailgate Flaw And Solution

The Problem:

The "LOAD STOP" feature on the GMC MultiPro has a design defect: it does  NOT lock open !! The whole goal of the LOAD STOP gate on the GMC MultiPro tailgate is for you to lift it up and prevent whatever you put in your truck bed from sliding or slipping out of the back of the truck while the truck is in movement. You can also look for the best multipro tailgate fix services through various online sources.

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This allows you to use the entire truck loading area including the range of the tailgate. However, if you lift the LOAD STOP gate, it will not lock into position. 

If you have things collected in the back of a truck (e.g. motorcycles, four-wheeled vehicles, building materials, etc.) and you have to make an abrupt stop while driving OR encounter a bump in the road, the "Load Stop" can and does very simply FALL DOWN into the closed position. 

If this happens while driving, you will have no idea it has happened and your things could go sliding right out the back of your truck and into oncoming traffic. 


"Load Stop Lock", installation only takes about 1 minute. Once the load stop lock is in place, you NEVER have to worry about the load stop gate falling off and putting you in danger again. 

The automatic opening of the load stop gate locks the gate in the open position and cannot fall. If you want to close the Load Stop, simply press the "Push" button to unlock and the Load Stop folds into the closed position. It's that simple and easy.