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All You Need To Know About Antenatal Clinic

Thursday , 2, July 2020 Comments Off on All You Need To Know About Antenatal Clinic

With the exclusion of women whose pregnancy was considered high risk; an area midwife will provide almost all your prenatal care. It will be delivered in either your GP or at a children's center.

The care is based on antenatal care guidelines NICE and is tailored to meet your needs. You can get the best information about antenatal care via

antenatal care

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If problems develop during pregnancy, the midwife of the community refers to our prenatal clinic to see one of the obstetricians, or it can just call the hospital to seek advice. Together we form a plan to suit your needs to ensure your pregnancy is as safe and healthy as possible.

In the clinic, the experienced staff has the expertise to care for women with medical conditions that may make pregnancy high risk.

We hold clinics here for women who:

  • You already have a medical condition, such as diabetes;
  • Had a problem during a previous pregnancy;
  • Develop problems during pregnancy;
  • Are expecting more than one baby; and
  • Any other conditions related to pregnancy.

When I attend antenatal clinics how long will I wait?

While we strive to see you either scan or clinic within a half-hour of your appointment, it can sometimes be delayed. This happens in case of problems with women or their unborn children who take longer to process than expected.