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All You Need to Know About Antique and Art Auction

Friday , 8, May 2020 Comments Off on All You Need to Know About Antique and Art Auction

The term craft has been defined differently by different artists. It has many interpretations and definitions. For some this craft includes making any art by hand while for others it means making something as an occupation or trade.

Many critics and academicians of craft also believe that it is bad to identify only objects as craft and not people who use their skills to produce them.

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Craft is a means to the art and therefore craft can be said to be the art of making something. Crafts have been heavily inspired by the various events in social lifestyle and society is the biggest inspiration for the craftsman. They draw inspiration from the daily lives of people and the situations of others’ life.

Craft in the medieval times used to be the profession and occupation of the people who sold them to make a living. Gradually this evolved into a past time and artists used art to convey their message to the world. Someone famous craftsman once said that “Craft is what I do all day and Art is what I get at the end of it”.

Hence we can also say that making art is a craft. It is anything that is made by humans with their own hands using their skills. Crafts are composed of many different things and items and constitute a large variety of objects which are made from human artistic skills.

Craft has evolved a lot since the last two or three centuries. From the French revolution to the era of enlightenment these craftsmen have used this art to not only publicize the ideals of the movement but also to show rebel and dissent towards the tyrannical rule.