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All You Need To Know About Seaweed Types

Friday , 1, May 2020 Comments Off on All You Need To Know About Seaweed Types

Seaweed contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body. Some of the nutrients are zinc,  iodine, magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin B, and C vitamins.

There are various flavors of seaweed. One of the famous seaweed flavors is Classic Olive, Toasty Onion, Spicy Chipotle Grab, Wasabi, and Crispy Baked Seaweed Flavor. If you would like to know more about seaweed flavors, you can click

What Is Edible Seaweed? 7 Types of Seaweed and 4 Seaweed Recipes ...

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Here are some common types of seaweed:-

1) Dulse – Dulse is considered a potassium powerhouse. This type is a wonderful dried snack. This is widely used in grains and salads.

2) Kelp – This is a brown algae which is usually dried. This is widely used in the dishes during cooking and also used in noodles. People love to eat this on grains, popcorn, or vegetables. 

3) Nori – This type of seaweed has fiber, protein, vitamin C, and has a meaty and sweet flavor. This seaweed is widely used in salads, lunch and breakfast foods, and soups.

4) Wakame & kombu – These are large algaes that contain calcium, magnesium, and iodine content. This is helpful in weight loss. It has a meaty, sweet,  salty flavor and can be added in sauces, grains, and soups.

5) Chlorella – This type is freshwater algae and normally in green color. It has hidden nutrients like iron and vitamin A. This is widely used in baked and cooked goods.

All the seaweed types are nutritious and healthy. You should eat any of these types to reap their health benefits.