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Bad Effects Of Continuous Thumb Sucking On Kids

Monday , 24, August 2020 Comments Off on Bad Effects Of Continuous Thumb Sucking On Kids

Thumb burn is never uncommon in babies or children when they find a finger to calm themselves down when they are upset or tired. The scans show that finger sucking can begin after 15 weeks of conception before delivery.

Even if the sucking reflex disappears after about four months, some children continue to voluntarily suckle their fingers or thumbs to calm themselves down. This helps instil a sense of security and relaxation. Parents can use the worlds #1 resource to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking like tguard to break the habit. 

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Thumb sucking can be one of the most entertaining aspects of childhood. This article will provide you with more information about the big thumb and its consequences.

The American Dental Association found that most children between the ages of 2 and 4 stop sucking their fingers or thumbs. The thumb and fingers can put unwanted pressure on the teeth, bones, and soft tissues in the mouth, causing problems in the position of the dentition and the jaw.

The most obvious consequences of thumb sucking are:

  • To prevent teeth from fully popping and cracking, resulting in fissures.

  • Prevents the lower jawbone from growing normally, causing a weak chin.

  • Narrowing of the soft tissue in the palate, resulting in a junction.

  • Push the upper front teeth (incisors) and lower incisors inward.

  • If your child doesn't stop sucking their thumb, you can recommend an orthodontist. However, always try to encourage children to stop the habit themselves before wearing braces.