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Basic PICC Qualification Training

Saturday , 11, September 2021 Comments Off on Basic PICC Qualification Training

Introduction to PICC

A PICC recognition monitoring supervisor is qualified through a license from a recognized doctor or nurse as well as through proven successful experience with PICC. The goal of the PICC supervisor is to identify sterile techniques. 

Education and competence are prerequisites for independent entry into the PICC. Overall medical responsibility is reduced by providing evidence of training and qualifications for certain procedures. You can choose the PICC line training via  to learn medical skills.

With the PICC line course, you will receive complete training that complies with the didactic requirements for the minimum training determined by the publications of the WOCOVA working group.

Comprehensive information is then provided regarding all aspects of PICCs including indications and contraindications for device selection, anatomy, vein health, vein selection, placement preparation, step-by-step placement procedure, complications, care and maintenance, and issues law.

Program goals:

  • Check definitions of PICC and central catheters and discuss indications and contraindications for use.
  • Identification of blood vessels in the upper arms and chest.
  • Provide detailed instructions for step-by-step implementation procedures, including infection prevention.
  • Review common complications associated with PICC, including how to prevent them and what to do if complications are suspected.
  • Describe basic care and maintenance procedures, including daily site assessment and catheter lavage management, for optimal PICC function.
  • Review legal aspects of PICC specific intravenous therapy.