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Best Wood For A Charcuterie Board

Monday , 23, May 2022 Comments Off on Best Wood For A Charcuterie Board

Non-porous hardwood is the ideal choice for charcuterie boards. The teak or hard maple American Cherry, Olive, and acacia are great. Other materials that create the finest pates boards comprise granite, kitchen slate, and bamboo. It generally is a faster-growing plant and is a very durable material, and makes an excellent charcuterie board provided it comes from an environmentally sustainable source and doesn't have been planted by cutting into the forest.

With the different grains of wood, you will have a distinct style on each board. If you're ready to invest in this walnut piece, it will be a blessing to the family, you, and your family for years to the future. Olive wood is unique – it is an amazing wood that holds beautifully with charcuterie red to accompany meat and yellow for cheese. 

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Grains found on olive wood are amazing and, of course, the wood can be antibacterial and antibiotic naturally because of the wood. There are a variety of other kinds of cutting boards that are suitable for the kitchen. They are designed to work with a chef's knife large portion of these boards are used for cutting, including end grain boards, as well as self-healing.

These are solid wood boards with tightly closed pores and grain that is for this type of presentation. Oak is an example of soft pores with large grain that would not be a good Charcuterie board, either. They can be contaminated by bacteria, and they remain available on the internet as Charcuterie boards. They aren't suited to the purpose of use on fermented cheeses and meats.