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Check Weather And Traffic Information Over A Smart Mirror

Monday , 29, June 2020 Comments Off on Check Weather And Traffic Information Over A Smart Mirror

Isn't it amazing if you can view the weather reports and traffic reports in advance over the mirror while getting ready for work, part, office meetings, lunch, movie, etc? It seems completely impossible or magical for the ones who are not aware of smart mirrors. Smart mirrors are the latest technology mirrors that are used to save time and display various functionality over mirrors. 

You can view weather and traffic reports on the mirror by installing smart mirrors at your bathroom, living area, office, or anywhere you want to place it.

Smart mirrors are the combinations of hardware components and software codes that are installed to the basic mirror and an app on the smartphone or tablet is installed and connected to it to make it smart.

smart mirror to display traffic and weather report

Various components like mike, sensors, speakers, touch panels, etc are installed at the backside of the mirror so that it can take input, do the calculations, and produce an output.

Artificial intelligence plays an important role, it takes control of emotions using sensors, take audio and touch signals using touch display and mike performs the calculations via software programs and generate output in the form of audio using speakers and image and video form using mirror display.

Along with artificial intelligence, automata play a major role in taking the historic data as well as the present data and produce the result for the near future by performing the calculations. This technology is used in smart mirrors for analysis of traffic and weather reports.