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Checklist For Choosing the Best Water Purifier Bottle

Tuesday , 12, May 2020 Comments Off on Checklist For Choosing the Best Water Purifier Bottle

If you are looking out for an effective water filter, then a water purifier bottle is the best option. It should be one that not only guarantees the quality of water but also is easy to use and economical to maintain.

Now, while there are thousands of variants of personal filter water bottles available in the market, you should be a little careful in making your choice. It is important to choose the best personal filter water bottle.

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Here is a quick checklist that can help you make this decision.

1. The first and foremost requirement for the best water purifier bottle is that it should be able to eliminate virtually all types of contaminants. Chlorine, drug, pesticide, shampoo, deodorant, bacteria, viruses, algae, cysts, lead, asbestos just a few examples of the contaminants present in our normal water.

For this, you should look for a multi-purifying water bottle that is based on more than one filtration technique, capable of effectively removing all types of contaminants and produce water that is 99% clean, pure, and secure.

2. Make sure that the system you choose is not abandoning essential mineral content present in natural water. These minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, etc. are required for day to day functioning of our body. 

Good personal filter water bottles are available at a reasonable price and provide 1 gallon of pure water at something less than 30 cents! They are therefore entitled to be recognized as the best water purifiers that can provide an unlimited supply of top quality water.