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Cranial Sacral Therapy – Gentle and Non-invasive Form of Healing

Thursday , 21, October 2021 Comments Off on Cranial Sacral Therapy – Gentle and Non-invasive Form of Healing

We all have cranial fluid that flows from the skull (brain) in a certain natural rhythm down the spine to the sacrum and then back again. In the case of blockages in the body's energy system, strained fascia, injury to body tissues, birth trauma or other functional disorders that affect the body, cranial fluids are obstructed. 

When the normal flow of cranial fluid is disturbed and does not flow properly, additional dysfunction occurs. Headaches, migraines, MS, autism, organ function, fasciae strain, concussion and many other bodily and mental functions are improved by cranial sacral therapy. To get the best cranial sacral therapy you can navigate to this website.

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The client lies supine on the massage table while the therapist gently pushes the tissue into the correct position with light touch therapy. For example, birth trauma can put pressure on the skull and compress the skull into unhealthy compression. 

As children grow, they may experience headaches as they pass through the birth canal from compressed bone that was once overly squeezed. This tightening can affect the upper spine, causing neck tissue to tighten, restricting blood and oxygen flow. Unexplained headaches can and often will occur.

With the client lying supine, the cranial sacral therapist gently and gently decompresses the skull bones while applying light traction on each skull one or two at a time. The smooth and gentle movement of these bones slowly and methodically turns into true alignment and lightens the adjoining skull bones.