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Everything to Know About Partition Screens and Panels

Thursday , 9, September 2021 Comments Off on Everything to Know About Partition Screens and Panels

A traditional house with its regular walls and doors has a solidity that is reassuring. You can choose to keep people and noise out of a room by closing the door. We may choose to leave the doors open so that light and family conversations can pass through. These fixed boundaries are constantly changing. 

Privacy at home can be compromised by our tendency to alter living spaces, from creating open-plan areas and double-height areas to adding en-suite bathrooms.  You can visit the website to know more details about types of screens like ward screens at

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the partition is 'division into pieces; structure separating two such portions'. These structures can make the difference between a chaotic lack of peace in your home and a peaceful mix of privacy and social interaction.

Partitions aren’t new. They have been around for centuries. From traditional Japanese sliding doors that were used to divide living and sleeping spaces to decorative freestanding screens that have been used across Europe over the centuries, they’re still very popular. 

Fixed partitions have been criticized in recent years, causing people to imagine flimsy walls and cheap housing. Partitioning is a crucial way to reduce noise and screen open-plan spaces.

You can even use partitions to make a bold decorative statement with a wide range of materials. You can use partitions to support changing configurations of privacy and space, depending on whether they are stationary or mobile.