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Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Voiceover Artist

Tuesday , 22, February 2022 Comments Off on Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Voiceover Artist

A voiceover artist can provide audio recordings for business including, podcasts, website audio, phone system recordings, training and presentation narrations, corporate video narrations, product tour audio, radio and television commercials, and much more. Therefore, choosing the right voice-over professional is very important.

So, here are some considerations to follow while hiring a voiceover actor.

1. Many artists can record and send your voiceover within 24 hours. Longer scripts, such as audiobooks and e-learning modules, take longer.

2. Don't always choose the cheapest service you can find. Pricing policies usually reflect the quality of the recording and the expertise of the speaker. If your budget is tight, it still pays to contact the preferred VO artist to discuss projects and budget constraints.

3. What is your contractor's policy on rewriting, if necessary. If you're not completely satisfied with your recording, are they happy to rewrite it if needed, or is there an additional fee?

4. Is it easy to work with your speakers? Build good working relationships and aim to have happy customers who become repeat clients!

5. If you have a longer script that requires a voiceover, will your artist provide a short personal demonstration of your script for free?

6. Reliable, conscientious and trustworthy – and someone who loves his job!!! Do your speakers tick all of these boxes?

So, follow these tips before hiring an artist for the voiceover job.