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Filing Federal Taxes Using Pay Check Stub

Friday , 17, April 2020 Comments Off on Filing Federal Taxes Using Pay Check Stub

Normally the employer of your office will issue you W-2 form for filing taxes each year. It is mandatory for a salaried employee that the employer should provide him or her with W-2 form giving all the particulars of the deducted tax. If you want to explore regarding free Canadian pay stub maker then, search the browser.

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The employer should also send a copy of the W-2 form to the social security office which in turn notifies the I.R.S. about your earnings. Sometimes, the employer might not send you a copy of the form or it may have lost in transit. Even the employer might have neglected to give you the form. In such circumstances, you can file the taxes using the last updated paycheck stub given to you.

Before filing the taxes, you should call the Internal Revenue Service office and inform them that you have not yet received the W-2 form. They will ask your particulars and your employer's particulars. You can comfortably file the returns using the last paycheck issued to you. Download form 1040 and 4852 from the internet. 

Log on to the website of the IRS and there you can print out the form using the links. Fill up the details such as your name, social security number, your employer's name, and address and your employer's identification number. Next, you can enter the gross pay as shown in the last paycheck given to you. 

You can fill up any other taxable income received by you from the second employer, if any, in the respective column. It also indicates the income obtained from other sources such as stocks, shares, rental income, and royalty. Calculate the gross income and subtract the deductions to obtain the net income.