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Granite Sealing Guide

Thursday , 11, June 2020 Comments Off on Granite Sealing Guide

Granite is a type of rock or stone that is used throughout Melbourne. It is composed of quartz, mica, feldspars and amphibole minerals. It used in Melbourne for building walls, floors, benchtops, countertops and as tiles for flooring. Granite comes in various colours and characteristics. Take a look at this interesting example below. 

photo of granite

Does Granite Need Sealing? 

Though granite is a very dense stone, like all stone surfaces, they can still be prone to stains and scratches. Therefore it is essential to have the granite sealed professionally in order to maintain and care for the granite. If the granite is sealed properly, It will be very easy to clean and maintain. The dirt, grime and any liquids spills and stains will be able to be swept and wiped up easily, leaving your surface looking new again. A stone care specialist will be able to polish and reseal the stone every 2 -3 years, which in the long run will save serious costs on potential restoration or replacement costs. 

Does granite floor tile need to be sealed?

All types of stone are naturally porous, some more than others. Stones such as granite and marble are not as porous as limestone. It also depends on the end-use of the stone. Stone flooring is usually going to make from less porous and denser materials. Whereas garden features, wall etc are made from softer, less dense stones, such as limestone.

photo of a limestone wall

To recap, Granite is a very beautiful stone, which has many domestic uses in Melbourne. It is important to keep it properly cared for and maintained to help keep its luxurious appeal. Contact a granite care expert for sealing and polishing every few years. Make sure to clean and wipe the surface regularly. If you follow the above information your granite surfaces will last many years.