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How Amazon Connect Works

Sunday , 29, May 2022 Comments Off on How Amazon Connect Works

The customer who requested the service becomes the administrator for Amazon Connect. The admin’s first task is to claim a phone number and configure permissions for users, which include operators, contact center managers, and agents. 

To deploy the service, the admin must first create an Amazon Connect cloud instance.

To do this, the customer logs into their AWS Management Console and completes several tasks. First, the AWS customer must create or select a user directory, which can include an outside option. For more details about the amazon connect, you can visit this site –

Next, the customer creates a user with administrator privileges and then selects telephony options (such as whether the contact center needs to place calls, receive calls, or both) and the location for data storage.

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A Contact Flow defines each step a customer can make when they interact with the contact center. The logic is similar to that of an automated Interactive Voice Response (IRV) system and determines an end user’s experience. An admin can configure a Contact Flow through a graphical user interface (GUI) in the console to play a recorded prompt, ask a caller a question, manage call recording settings or transfer a call.

A Contact Flow also supports text to speech with Amazon Polly and allows developers to customize pronunciation, speech rate, and volume with Simple Speech Markup Language. In addition, Amazon Connect can route end-user calls according to agent skills, availability, and caller priority. The service assigns agents a routing profile to fit agent expertise to one or more call queues.