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How ESD Floors are Useful?

Monday , 4, May 2020 Comments Off on How ESD Floors are Useful?

ESD stands for electro-static discharge, which is one of the few things that can damage or destroy a computer or other hardware components. 

Similar to the shock received when the feet are rubbed on the carpet and then something metal is touched.The best way to prevent ESD is to use a grounding mat.

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Stonhard 'Stonclad' High-Strength Commercial Flooring | Ascoat

Not all floor surfaces support the use of mats and this can be annoying when placed on the work surface. Therefore, a work desk designed to control ESD is the preferred product in many environments. 

This is intended for use with sensitive electrical components and features ESD static control plastic laminate work surfaces. Some manufacturers can apply static control to the variety of table styles that they offer. 

The surface of the material itself has / ESD static control features than the coating is only applied to the surface. This eliminates the need for a table mat, which can be expensive and curls after prolonged periods of use. These are available in standard sizes, including those designed for standing tasks, as well as custom dimensions.