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Hyundai Exhaust Systems: How They Work and What Their Benefit

Wednesday , 9, February 2022 Comments Off on Hyundai Exhaust Systems: How They Work and What Their Benefit

The rear exhaust system usually refers to the rear of the rear catalytic converter. This includes the resonator, rear exhaust pipe, exhaust and nozzle.

The main purpose of the resonator is to dampen the noise of the high-pressure exhaust gases flowing through the system. Advanced modules are designed to reflect sound waves internally so they collide with each other and escape, significantly attenuating sound. It is possible to purchase a unit that produces a low growl, although this is more for the style than practicality. You can also buy hyundai i30 n exhaust system via

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These dampers are designed to perform the same tasks as the resonator, although to a greater extent. The simplest exhausts work on the absorption principle, using a material such as fiberglass or steel wire to absorb much of the sound before the exhaust gases are released.

Another common type of exhaust works by limiting the flow of exhaust gases, which drastically reduces noise. However, this also reduces the efficiency of the exhaust system and ultimately the efficiency of the engine. Finally, more sophisticated exhausts work on the same reflection principle as the resonator in combination with the absorbent material. This is the best muffler available and offers the greatest possible noise reduction.

Little more than just a drain, nozzles come in all shapes and sizes. Most are designed for something more than their sound and visual appearance. It makes sense to match diameters along your exhaust system for best performance so you don’t always have to install the biggest exhaust you can find!