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Improve Crop Yield With Fertigation

Thursday , 28, May 2020 Comments Off on Improve Crop Yield With Fertigation

Are you a greenhouse or hydroponic grower?  If you have not discovered, fertigation can allow you to further enhance your overall harvest yields.  Here, in RF Agriculture, we have a wide range of goods fertigation. For more information, you can search for fertigation systems via

Below we've highlighted the many benefits of fertigation that may assist you with the management of this plant.

Fertigation is a combination of irrigation and fertilization.  You can use this method by injecting a soil amendment and water-soluble results in your irrigation system.  This method is quite popular for horticulture and has many advantages to your crops, such as decreasing soil erosion, disease, and the use of water, and optimize your plant nutrition.  With precision options direction, fertigation allows us to get a greater yield.

How does the fertigation system work?

With fertigation, fertilizer diluted to spray or drip irrigation system.  There are two main approaches for fertigation: The first is if you employ a soil-less media together with the ideal quantity of fertilizer.  You take this mix and injected it directly into every unit of a trickle irrigation system. 

The next method can be used when you develop your plants in the open field.  You can receive your own horticulturist to determine the exact amount of fertilizer to be used in certain places.

A trickle irrigation system is a great selection for fertigation.  When utilizing a drip irrigation system, you can deal with the total amount of fertilizer applied.  Slow the flow of water to your plants make the nutrients and water in the root zone longer, which can help produce healthier plant growth.