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Know the Pool Cover Benefits

Friday , 18, September 2020 Comments Off on Know the Pool Cover Benefits

As a safety device, the automatic cover closes completely and prevents unexpected entry to your pool. And while there's no alternative for proper protection, your pool can be covered even when you're not around. This is the best security barrier every pool owner should have.

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Keep dirt and debris out of your pool while reducing operating costs and wear and tear on your pool filter system. Reduce maintenance of your pool by simply covering your pool. This versatile pool cover is all you need to extend your swimming season and protect your pool year-round.

Instead of working with multiple large, tricky, awkward, or dangerous covers, just use one pool cover for maximum pool protection. This 3-in-1 pool cover acts as a protective cover, sun cover and winter cover in one user friendly system.

By reducing evaporation, pool roofs save water and use of chemicals, which saves up to 70% of operating costs. Because the heat remains and dirt and grime remain, your pool equipment will last longer too. Pool covers not only keep your pool cleaner, but also reduce maintenance costs.

Pool covers help save hundreds of millions of gallons of pool water each year, conserve the world's most valuable resource, and save money at the same time.

When you add a pool cover to a pool cover, you are preventing the water from evaporating 95%.