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Kubernetes As A Cloud Services Provisioner

Saturday , 13, March 2021 Comments Off on Kubernetes As A Cloud Services Provisioner

In a world where cloud and "Everything" lifecycle automation is critical to many IT professionals, discussions of Terraform, CloudFormation (and now with AWS CDK and Pulumi) are fairly common. 

However, with the emergence of Kubernetes, its ability to show itself in conversation outside of those who have been moved strictly to the best place to manage its containers. If you want to learn more about Kubernetes and its parameters, you can check its comparison matrix over the internet.

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In fact, this topic of conversation is exactly where we started: automating the lifecycle of cloud-based websites and services. However, this conversation will be very different from most conversations in this area as it will focus on how it is done through Kubernetes. 

To connect the dots on how we can achieve this (and why it makes sense in certain scenarios), let's first go over some of the concepts that are an essential part of the whole process.

Custom resources are extensions of the Kubernetes API that are not always available in standard Kubernetes installations. This is an adaptation of a custom Kubernetes installation. However, much of the core Kubernetes functionality is already based on dedicated resources, making Kubernetes more modular.

Kubernetes Launchpad is a great solution that enables enterprise teams to quickly take advantage of native cloud application development by rapidly deploying the DevOps platform and transforming applications on the cloud platform of your choice: AWS, GCP, or Azure.