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Neck And Shoulder Pain In Edmonton: Symptoms And Treatment

Monday , 2, May 2022 Comments Off on Neck And Shoulder Pain In Edmonton: Symptoms And Treatment

Today patients have a lot of muscle tension in their neck and shoulders. Their shoulders are hunched up under their ears, and their necks so stiff they can barely move them. Therefore severe neck and shoulder stiffness and pain may require physical therapy to alleviate symptoms. You can also avail neck pain physiotherapy in Edmonton through Family Physiotherapy.

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Most of us are familiar with that general uncomfortable feeling like a tight band is around our neck and shoulders and perhaps some very sore trigger points, areas that when touched makes us wince. 

In addition, we might not be able to move our head to either side without causing pain in our necks and shoulders. In such cases, physiotherapy is the most effective treatment for pain relief.

However, with poor repetitive structural habits, you could have symptoms of compressed nerves in your cervical spine that require a doctor:

  • Numbness or tingling in hands and/or fingertips.
  • Burning sensations in the muscles of the upper arms.
  • Weakness lifting the arms, and/or dropping objects.
  • Headaches and/or constant tenderness in the occipital muscles, that band of muscles at the base of your head that extends from ear to ear.

A Simple Exercise To Relieve Tightness

Below is a simple stretching exercise you can do a few times a day while working to relax neck and shoulder muscles:

  • Bend head forward, chin on chest, then back to original position.
  • Head forward, bend your head to the right, then back to the original position; bend to the left, then back to the original position.
  • Bend head slightly backward, then to the original position.
  • Bend head forward, chin to chest, tilt head to the right, then to the left.