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Plumbing Maintenance Can Save You Time and Money

Saturday , 27, June 2020 Comments Off on Plumbing Maintenance Can Save You Time and Money

It is estimated that the average homeowner does on average from $ 400 to $ 500 per year on the cost of plumbing, including hiring a plumber, buying plumbing parts and supplies and ordering plumbing repair off hours. Does it seem time consuming, costly and stressful? It should not be.

Most industry professionals are encouraging owners to take care regularly and maintain pipes, water pipes, water tanks and more. You can find more information about commercial plumbing services here to save your money. 

Before the winter season begins, many plumbers will indicate that the most common problem they notice is that the owners – and even cottagers – do not take the necessary steps to take care of their plumbing. Here are some additional precautions now to avoid huge heating and plumbing bills in the spring.

Let the water

At least once a week, do not forget to run water to each valve of your home at regular intervals throughout the winter season. By doing so, you will avoid freezing, which can cause serious damage to your pipes.

Holiday cooking

Winter usually means vacation, which comes with a lot of cooking. However, it is imperative that the cook of the house is extremely careful to avoid pouring grease and oil down the drain because they can clog the plumbing when colder.


If the garden hoses are disconnected for the winter then they can cause significant damage. When extreme cold weather arrives, ice forms and the pressure will build in the water pipes in your home, but again only if the hose is connected.