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SAFe Scrum Master vs ‘Scrum’ Scrum Master

Thursday , 29, October 2020 Comments Off on SAFe Scrum Master vs ‘Scrum’ Scrum Master

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) exists "to permit the company agility that's necessary for businesses to compete and flourish in the electronic age." This is an integral aspect of Agile teams. They are also able to opt to adopt pieces of Scrum and unite it with different practices. You can know more about the safe scrum master certification at

Nonetheless, the servant leader of a SAFe Agile team gets the name"Scrum Master". In case a SAFe Agile team utilizes Extreme Programming just, the servant leader and trainer remains a Scrum Master.

TLDR; Totally Different Functions

There's a gap between a SAFe Scrum Master is based on a Scrum Guide. Starting with the very fact that Agile clubs in a Secure environment do not need to use Scrum whatsoever, there are a Lot More items Which Make It an entirely different part:

When a group does not use Scrum, there is no demand to get a SAFe Scrum Master to understand Scrum!

A SAFe Scrum Master does not focus primarily on assisting the staff to produce increased value but more on enhancing performance in the fields of quality, predictability, flow, and speed.

A SAFe Scrum Master should make sure a staff follows consented Agile processes. A'Scrum' Scrum Master supports the staff to use Scrum. Notice the not-so-subtle gap between 'assuring and supporting'.

A SAFe Scrum Master primarily focuses on the group and has a minimal function in encouraging Scrum adoption at an organization level. There is a more important function in helping to embrace SAFe for an organizational level.

If you're interested in a thorough comparison of both functions, you can locate them at the rest of the report.