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SEO Copywriting – Why Its Not Just About Stuffing Keywords

Wednesday , 29, July 2020 Comments Off on SEO Copywriting – Why Its Not Just About Stuffing Keywords

With zillions of websites listed on the Internet, it is important to have a keyword oriented and SEO optimized website to draw the attention of the customers. According to Dave Brown, a copywriter at Azzurro Blu If your website is ranked higher among the results of search engines, the possibility of your website receiving high traffic increase manifolds. Hence, to ensure that your website ranks higher, your web copy must be realistic and unique.

It is advisable, not to go in for keyword stuffing. Remember the golden rule, 'excess of everything is bad'. An appropriate keyword density is essential. Try and incorporate just about three to four secondary keywords or phrases per page. Internet users prefer to use phrases while searching the content and products and services in comparison to words. So it would be a good idea to incorporate keyword phrases. To pen down a persuasive write up, 250 words per section is highly recommended. This is because a longer section than this seems to be too lengthy to readers and they lose interest. On the other hand, a shorter section than this would not allow you to incorporate sufficient information that needs to be conveyed. However, make sure that it is informative and original. The content of your website should be brief, crisp, focused and easy to understand.

To make the content more interesting and persuasive, the writer may inculcate their personal experience in the web content, if possible and make it a little interactive. Also, while you write the content, it is important to keep the targeted audience in mind. You must be mindful about the use of language as well. Slang's or examples are strictly prohibited. No line should look fabricated, as to incorporate the keyword. The flow should be very natural. Remember, it is written for masses and not a section of people. So instead of in-depth technical details, necessary information should be elucidated in general language.

Also, the language should not be too ornamental or high flown. Internet is a common medium accessed by people from all over the world whose primary language may not be English. Using high flown words merely to exhibit one's knowledge is the biggest mistake that a writer can commit while writing for websites. Hence, high flown language only compels the visitors to switch over to your competing websites. So, to write keyword oriented yet persuasive copy content, keyword should be incorporated subtly in the natural flow of the content and not to cram it.

To retain the existing customers and to attract the potential customers, a persuasive, yet keyword centric copy is necessary. Content is undoubtedly the king of the web world. It is the product or service description that allows visitors to form an opinion about the website.

So, thinking to write a persuasive, keyword oriented copy to promote your website? Don't worry, if you think you are not good in writing. There are copywriting companies which are quite popular online. Outsourcing is quite cost effective as you don't have to employ professionals for this task permanently. Whenever, you need their services, you can contact them. The professionals at copywriting outsourcing providers are experienced and well trained in copywriting keyword oriented SEO content. You may also contact an Internet marketing company to avail their copywriting services.