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Small Bathroom Ideas That Work Wonders

Thursday , 3, December 2020 Comments Off on Small Bathroom Ideas That Work Wonders

Bathroom renovations Coffs Harbour

Having a small bathroom cant snatch away your dream of giving it a luxurious modern look. Your bathroom can be provided an absolute look with organizers and stylish accessories. It will not only create a space but change the whole vibe of the bathroom. In this article, we bring you easy ideas to decorate your small bathroom spaces.

1. Add Mirror Walls

Adding mirrors in bathrooms with small spaces can double the look primarily at the narrower sides. It also works as great reflecting lights to place decorative lightings around the windows to create more fixtures. You can also add mirrors with inside storage cabinets to make in two in one use. These ideas have been stated by the experts providing excellent services at Coffs Harbour Bathroom renovations.

2. Lose the Tub

Tubs take lots of space in your bathrooms, so it is best to remove it and go for hand showers. Hand showers are easy to maintain, especially when it comes to guests. It is also an excellent tool for cleaning your pets and will give your bathroom a more open feel. You can also install a glass panel and hinged it while the shower is not in use as it will create more additional space.

3. Small Sinks and Floating Vanities

The sinks attached with wall mounts are a great way to save the space floor and create more space. Remember that storage is the key here. Go for narrower washbasins with modern designs and thin edges. Add narrow shelves and metal racks for towels and other essentials. You can also utilize the backspace of the door for the same.


Follow these tips and tricks to save space in your bathrooms!