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The Metal Recycling Process

Thursday , 3, March 2022 Comments Off on The Metal Recycling Process

The metal recycling process is similar to the usual recycling process. The metals are first sorted on the basis of their properties. It is, however, important to have a basic understanding or knowledge about metals. This will help in recycling them and keeping a green environment.

The scrap metal recycling in Sydney follows the following steps:

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1. Collection

This is the first and most important step in metal recycling. It simply involves collecting all materials that are made of metals. This process should be organized in such a way that there should be containers specifically designed to collect metals.

2. Sorting

Once the metals have been collected, the next important step is to sort the metals. This involves separating what can be recycled from what is non-recyclable. It is essential to point out that the quality of metal recycled is very important.

3. Processing

After sorting, the next step is to compact or squeeze the metal. All the recycled materials are squeezed and squashed using machines so that they do not occupy so much space in the conveyor belts.

4. Shredding

After the crushing and breaking of the metal, the shredding process starts. The metals are broken down into tiny pieces or sheets to allow further processing. The small pieces have a large surface-to-volume ratio that can be melted using less energy as compared to when they are in large pieces of metal. Normally, steel is changed into steel blocks while, on the other hand, aluminum is converted into sheets.