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The Reasons for Computer Vision Syndrome

Tuesday , 4, January 2022 Comments Off on The Reasons for Computer Vision Syndrome

Computers have become as widespread an element of the workplace as chairs and desks, and the growing dependence on them is making an impact on the average worker's eyesight, manifesting as Computer Vision Syndrome. 

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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition that arises due to the stress of focusing the eyes on screens of computers for extended, continuous periods of time. Take into consideration the increasing popularity of mobile gaming and smartphones devices and the CVS issue is no longer confined to employees who work in offices. 

It is good news that CVS can be treated by receiving proper eye treatment by a certified optometrist. The causes of Computer Vision Syndrome are twofold. The primary cause is the difficulty eyes have with focusing on the display of text on computer monitors. 

Printing on paper (and to a lesser extent, the text on electronic readers) is crisply defined and offers a significant amount of contrast to the paper that it is printed on. 

Text displayed on a computer monitor is generally less appealing to the eyes because of the different contrast of the text and backlight of the screen as well as the blurry text that is pixelated and the perpetual shifting of the display, whether scrolling or switching between windows and tabs. 

The necessity to constantly focus the eyes on the constantly changing screen that is not well-defined is the most common factor behind CVS. Mobile devices can have the same impact on the eyes due to the fact that their smaller displays have to be placed closer to the eye.