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There Is More Many Variety Of Chili In Africa

Tuesday , 29, March 2022 Comments Off on There Is More Many Variety Of Chili In Africa

To many people, chili peppers simply describe a small member of the Capsicum family that tastes "in pieces".

For the more adventurous fire pod lover, there are many different options known by common names such as jalapeno, habanero, and scotch bonnet, with varying degrees of warmth defined by the Scoville scale. You can easily buy fresh scotch bonnet via

The five types are as follows:

Scotch bonnet

Annuals can be divided into two types, hot and sweet (or tender), and are the most commonly grown around the world because they are so easy to pollinate. 

Capsicum baccatum

This species can now be found throughout South America and may have originated in Bolivia or Peru. It is very popular in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, but rarely in the United States, Asia, or Europe. 

Chinese peppers

The translation of the name is "from China", which is not the case. This species originated in the Amazon and moved to the Caribbean, followed by Central and South America. 

Paprika frutescens

The name comes from Latin, meaning "bush or bush" and was born in the tropics. Its origins are not entirely clear, although it is claimed that it is most likely in the Amazon Basin. This breed includes the famous Tabasco, named after the Mexican city of the same name. 

Paprika pubescens

Pepper is of medium size, common in South America, and native to Bolivia. The pods are fleshy and usually very hot.