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Thumb-Sucking and Soothers

Monday , 27, July 2020 Comments Off on Thumb-Sucking and Soothers

Sucking a thumb or a soother can help your child cope with emotional issues. This could be a new baby in the family, going into hospital, or starting pre-school.

For some children, the attachment to their thumb or soother is very strong. Don't try to stop them sucking if they are going through a stressful time. Try to remove any stress that could be worrying your child.

Try not to remind or criticize your children about sucking their thumb or soother. It could make them feel bad. thumb sucking prevention is really needed these days.

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Long-term effects

Sucking their mothers or sedatives can affect your child's teeth and jaw development. At some point, you will need to encourage your child to do something else instead.

Your child may not have enough time to practice using their lips and tongues to speak or may not want to talk. It may take some time to fix. A child whose mother-sucking or using tranquilizers may not have the same opportunities to talk.

Your child may also breathe through their mouths when sucking on a sedative. It can lead to too much dribbling.

It is also important that you regularly wash your child's hands. Regular hand washing can help stop infection away from their hands to their mouths.

Tips to help your child stop using a soother

  • Only use soothers at set times. Remove the soother when the child is asleep.
  • Take your child's soother out when they are trying to talk or busy playing.
  • Give rewards other than food. For older children, try using a star chart to praise them.