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Tips For Replacing OEM Motorcycle Exhausts

Wednesday , 7, July 2021 Comments Off on Tips For Replacing OEM Motorcycle Exhausts

Two questions actually you should ask yourself when replacing standard motorcycle exhausts. First, why do you want to replace it? Second, how do you go about doing it once the OEM exhaust is gone? There are specific state regulations that govern the decibel level of motorcycle exhausts. 

This applies to all bikes, including street bikes, custom cruisers, and dirt bikes. These laws can result in heavy fines in certain states. Be sure to check the laws in your state before you start an exhaust replacement project. You can even shop black OPS high-Performance Exhaust System Online via Black Ops Performance.

Residents have complained about the loud motorcycles fitted with custom exhausts or drag pipes. Law enforcement agencies have taken action to reduce the number of such bikes.

Motorcycle enthusiasts still love to customize their bikes. Replacing the OEM exhaust is often the first project they undertake. Streetbike racers as well as touring cruiser riders love the powerful, deep growl of high-performance exhaust and drag pipes. 

It is easy to replace standard systems or pipes with custom parts. There are many high-quality exhaust systems available for motorcycles, including titanium, carbon fiber, and aluminum models. 

They come in slip-on or full system options. After you have found the perfect exhaust for your bike, whether it’s a street, cruiser, or off-road dirt bike take some time to remove the OEM exhaust from the bike and prepare the bike for the new parts.

The instruction manual included with your new exhaust should be carefully read. Although it is easy to take an OEM exhaust from a bike, installing a new model on your motorcycle can prove difficult if you aren’t familiar with the details of exhaust systems.