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Understand How Commercial Caulking Services Work

Wednesday , 19, January 2022 Comments Off on Understand How Commercial Caulking Services Work

Commercial properties benefit extensively from routine maintenance. One significant element of that maintenance is professional commercial caulking services covering all possible water or air penetration sites.

The cumulative effect of properly sealing your building helps you avoid major problems and also saves money in the long term. Effective building caulking via acts as a water and air barrier for all types of commercial buildings. It prevents leaks and drafts around doors and windows, vents, and other openings. 

It also stops water from causing damage in production rooms, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces with frequent cleaning or high humidity.

In the commercial setting, professional caulking is also beneficial as it helps to enhance your building’s aesthetics by bridging joint gaps and hiding unappealing irregularities. 

Commercial caulking services result in attractive, clean lines around corners and joints.

Some professional caulking contractors can perform both the interior and exterior caulking of your structure. Besides caulking applications for new buildings, they can also inspect and repair caulking in any existing buildings.

Inspect Condition of Current Caulking

The first step of commercial caulking services is to inspect your building. During the visit, the professional contractors check if your caulk is brittle or cracking. They’ll also check for water damage as moisture in your structure indicates failed caulking, which is a significant issue for your commercial property.

The inspection often covers the main areas of commercial buildings where caulking or sealing is highly essential. Some of these target areas include:

  • Rooftop skylights

  • Window and door frames

  • Downspouts and eaves

  • Pipes or vents protruding from the roof or walls

  • Foundations

  • The area between metal and glass surfaces