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What Is A Cloud PBX?

Saturday , 11, April 2020 Comments Off on What Is A Cloud PBX?

The current business was split between the two options when it comes to business communication solutions. Constant battles between traditional telephony and VoIP phone system leaves business owners confused as to which solution to go for.

Everyone is quite familiar with traditional PBX; often it is not known as VoIP solutions. A business-class office phone using a VoIP solution called cloud PBX. If you want to know more about cloud pbx, then you can also browse

Basically the cloud means the Internet, similar to what is cloud computing, and PBX stands for private branch exchange or just a mobile phone. Combining them together and that means the internet office phone system.

At first glance, you might think that the selection of the same but in reality is a big difference separates the two. This means that all components except PBX handset is in the cloud and accessed using the internet. Somehow you could compare it to a website.

By using servers and networks instead of hardware, the system is able to offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness to customers.

Think of it as one of the open-source programming software where you actually can command the computer to do what you want, the same way the system can be custom programmed to tell your phone what you want to happen.

In addition, since there is no hardware involved you can customize your telephone system capacity is required.