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When To Approach An Immigration Lawyer?

Tuesday , 29, December 2020 Comments Off on When To Approach An Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Laws are nothing more than laws governing the entry and status of persons wishing to emigrate to Canada. Individuals who practice immigration law are known as lawyers and immigration law attorneys.

Millions of people migrate to Canada every year for many reasons, such as to study or work or on a dependent visa, and so on. Whatever the reason, if you are prepared to settle permanently or temporarily in Canada, you will need to go through immigration. An immigration lawyer plays a very important role in this aspect. However, it is not important that you actually need to hire a lawyer. You can do it yourself without a lawyer, but hiring Canadian immigration lawyers will make things better.

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You must also hire a lawyer under one of the following conditions.


When filling out the application form, you will be asked if you were involved in criminal proceedings. If you try to hide facts, you may be deported because your fingerprints and other details are stored in the archives and immigration officials have access to these records. Since immigration is difficult to go through, hiring a lawyer can help in such circumstances as they are experienced and know how to go through immigration laws.

Cases Of Rejection: 

Many people often turn to immigration attorneys when their initial approach is denied. Since lawyers know every rule and loophole, it's a good idea to hire a lawyer.

Immigration Laws – Quite Complex And Time-Consuming:

It would be very difficult for others to go through the process. In such a case, the help of someone skilled in immigration law will surely pay off.